Sunlight Women’s Rides

Come and join our friendly Saturday morning women-only rides. We are a group of female cyclists who ride together regularly and are keen to invite more women to come along with us.  

We have two Sunlight Women’s Club Rides both running fortnightly on opposite weeks. We do not usually have a cafe stop so make sure you bring enough fluids and fuel to sustain you!

1/ “Women’s steady ride” Our popular, slightly shorter, steadier paced ride has developed from women who were keen to gain experience of group riding and increase their distance, speed and endurance. It is about 40 miles in length at 13-14 mph average speed and will take you into the flatter parts of Cheshire and the Welsh border.
2/ “Women’s club ride” Our faster paced, often hillier ride will take you into rolling Cheshire or the Welsh hills and is around 40-50 miles long at about 14-15 mph average speed, depending on terrain and conditions. Whilst you would be expected to be of a a good level of cycling fitness and capable of keeping up with the pace, we aim not to leave anyone behind and always regroup at the top of hills. We ask that all new riders wanting to join us first do a ‘steady ride’ as above.

Rides start from Eureka Cycle Café (The Mills) for a cuppa and a chat before leaving at 9.30am. Please park (free) in the Tudor Rose car park on the other side of the crossroads. If you don’t want a cuppa first just meet outside the cafe at 9.30am,

We are delighted with the addition of Women Only rides to our club and the increase in female riders it is bringing. You do not initially have to be a club member to join us for a ride…come along a few times to see if you like it first! Our rides offer a fun and supportive way for women who want to ride at club level without the anxieties and pressures that sometimes women can feel at the thought of riding with a male dominated club ride. You can choose to stay with the Women’s Rides, or use it as a stepping stone up to the traditional Sunday Club Rides or indeed dip in and out of both, it’s a good alternative if you can’t make a Sunday.

So if you fancy any of the runs, or have any other questions, please complete the form below or contact

You can also find us on Facebook where you can see ride dates and details and on British Cycling Let’s Ride where you can book a place on your first steady ride.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Best Wishes Nicky