Sunlight Women’s Rides

Come and join our friendly Saturday morning women’s rides.

Our weekly women’s rides are usually straight-through with no cafe stop, although on occasion a cafe entices us in! The rides alternate between a steady-paced, flatter ride of about 40 miles at around 14-15mph average speed into Cheshire and a more demanding, hillier ride into Wales that covers between 40 and 50 miles. Sometimes these are longer and we stop for lunch.

New riders should first try out the steady ride. Please contact Gillie for dates or to clear up any questions you may have about fitness, what kit you need or about the rides.

Women are welcome in all parts of the club and our female members take part in all club rides, racing and cyclocross. There is no expectation that women have to do the women’s rides.

Women’s rides depart from Nets Cafe, Little Neston Saturday mornings at 9.30am.

So if you fancy any of the runs, or have any other questions, please complete the form below.